EN is an intimate place where artists, musicians, writers, actors, filmmakers, performers and dancers congregate. It has two exhibition spaces, a film and video space and a space dedicated to EN's collaborative program.

EN aims to improve people’s lives through art by leading it towards significant social change. Current social structure dictates that truth is always repressed in favor of a purely economic reason. Art should be honest and indivisible from life, for everyone to experience.

EN offers a home to those seeking a different escape and to those who find it difficult fitting in. It is like a secret clubhouse where very ordinary people and extraordinary people can be themselves. A forum for all elements disenchanted with the laxity and ennui of current thinking. 

EN aims to salvage humanity from indifference and lack of empathy.

nO – yEs

No, EN is not a very GOOD name for a gallery.  It clearly lacks GOOD business sense. GOOD.

No, EN is not a gallery. It just looks like one.  A gallery is focused on selling art, EN is focused on showing it.

No, EN does not see the purpose of labeling itself, so others can then define their position.

No, EN does not pretend to offer a new approach (one can only mimic innovation).

No, EN is NOT interested in the hierarchical, static nature of the international art world (it is as interesting as a bank).

No, EN does not consider names and positions to be important (the frustrated and wannabes never feel at home). 

No, there is absolutely nothing romantic about being an outsider.

No, EN prefers not to engage with the self-righteous, the self-protective, the smug or the pretentious. 

Yes, EN has a passion for art (not for money or power).

Yes, EN feels not having money, equipment or space, are bad excuses for not making artwork.

Yes, EN knows it is stupid to be idealistic (EN is extremely stupid).

Yes, EN prefers one leaves ones ego at the door, before entering.

Yes, we all rely on keeping up appearances, we can't afford anything else.

Yes, spiraling rents make it impossible to sustain.