MIKE DIANA . Selected Works


Mike Diana was born in Geneva, NY 1969.

The family moved to Florida when Mike was 8.

He started reading underground comics at age 14.

Art was his favorite subject in school receiving strait A’s unlike the other classes.

In ‘88 a year after graduating high school he started making his own comics and printing them as fanzines.

In 1991 he became a suspect in a series of murders due to his fanzine Boiled Angel #6. He was cleared of the killings but they charged him with three counts of creating obscene material and after a week long trial in 1994 he was sent to jail for four days awaiting sentencing. He was facing three years in jail but was given three years of probation with a long list of requirements. One requirement was no drawing even in the privacy of his own home and the police were aloud to make surprise warrant less searches.

In 1996 he escaped to New York City were he still lives.