NELSON SANTOS . I Need You By Me, Beside Me, To Guide Me


Like the end of the night when the mirror ball continues to spin for an empty room, there remains a somber beauty, as light and magic float through the air, like spirits reminding us that love will get us through this together.

A solemn celebration in dark times.

Installation with mirror ball, metallic fringe, banners and light, 2018.

Nelson Santos is an artist and curator living in Brooklyn. His multi-media works have been exhibited in venues such as The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Monya Rowe Gallery, envoy enterprises, Art in General, The Schroeder Romero Winkleman Gallery Project Space, SplatterPool Artspace and Longwood Gallery in New York; Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Monique Meloche Projects, bona fide and Bodybuilder Sportsman Gallery in Chicago; Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco; The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield; The Japan Institute of Photography and Film in Osaka and Galeria Espacio Minimo in Madrid. Santos received an MFA from the school of The Art Institute of Chicago. He has been an adjunct instructor and visiting lecturer at various universities in Chicago, New York, Tuscon and North Carolina. He was the Executive Director at Visual AIDS.