A Program of Short Films by Women Artists

MAUREEN CATBAGAN . Juicy Fruit, 2008/2014 (4 min)

Juicy Fruit explores the movements, dynamics, and fluidity of queer sensuality via abstraction. Fruit becomes the catalyst and conductor of electrified desire. Bodies become molecular, emerging from the shadows and sensually blend into one another to the sound of heartbeats. 

Maureen Catbagan is a Filippino-American, multi-media artist based in Brooklyn whose work engages social collectivity and examines relations between identity and experience. Collaborative projects include ZAPT Zine, Abang-guard, Flux Factory, HOWDOYOUSAYYAMINAFRICAN? Collective, and experimental music groups Bloodflames and PXALM. She is currently in post-production for her first feature film Lilly Galaxy.

ELIANE LIMA . Sherry, 2017 (25 min)

Sherry is an experimental documentary film which witnesses the private life of Robert, a 75 years old gentleman from Orange County. Every day, Robert transforms himself into a living doll, Sherry. Info: This project began in Fall 2014 when Lucrecia Martel (visiting filmmaker) took a group of CalArts' students to Robert Sherry's house. Robert constructed his own world. a constant exchange between fantasy and reality where desire is free from any moral judgment.

"It's very strong and also full of beauty and humanity. I feel in a very powerful way the speed of fantasy and the weight of reality. How the body is subjected to the vertigo of what is desired, of what is wanted and so bitterly staged." - Philippe Grandrieux

Eliane Lima is a Brazilian-American artist. She received a BA in Cinema from Binghamton University, State University of New York and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from San Francisco Art Institute. Lima’s work has shown at Liverpool Biennial, SFMOMA, Anthology Film Archives, Pacific Film Archives, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, and elsewhere. She was awarded the SF Weekly Mastermind 2012 prize and featured an installation in homage to George Kuchar at the Art PadSF 2012. Recently, she received her second Master’s degree from the California Institute of Arts, in which she explored sexuality through film, video installation, and performance. 

BETH STEPHENS & ANNIE SPRINKLE . Ecosexual Weddings, 2015 (10min)

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle are two ecosexual artists-in-love who have been collaboring with each other and various international communities for 17 years. The Ecosex performance art Weddings have involved thousands of collaborators across at least a dozen countries. SexEcology is a conceptual art field that combines the couple’s interest in sexuality and ecology in order to help stop environmental degredation and to bring about environmental healing and pleasure. Ecosexuality explores the Earth as Lover and is designed to create the desire in others to love, honor cherish the Earth as one would cherish their own lover.

Elizabeth M. Stephens is interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator who has explored themes of sexuality, gender, queerness, and feminism through art for over 20 years. Her works include the bronze sculptural installation, The Academic/Porn Star Panty Collection; the road trip performance piece Wish You Were Here; the video installation, Kiss, as well as her ongoing collaboration with Annie Sprinkle in the Love Art Laboratory. She has exhibited and performed in museums, galleries and festivals around the world.

Annie M. Sprinkle is an internationally known multi-media artist. She has continuously toured one-woman theater performances about her life since 1989, such as Post Porn Modernist and Hestory of Porn. One of the pivotal players in the 80's "sex positive feminist movement," Ms. Sprinkle 's artwork has long championed sex education and equal rights. Her film The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop has played in well over 100 film festivals, at museums and galleries, including at the Guggenheim in NYC.